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Our Facility & History

Carbine Boxers - Carbine Boston Terriers - Ruff Bed & Breakfast

I started breeding boxers in 2012. I got into showing them around 2015. I had a need for a nice kennel and decided to build it to also accommodate boarding clients since a lot of my boxer clients would ask me to board their fur babies.  Since then I have gotten into Boston Terriers. They are just a lovely breed. Growing up, we also had other types of dogs, so I am familiar with other breeds as well.


I built my dog kennel in 2020 and just recently completed the 2nd side. Our kennel has 18 doggie condos/suites. The inside suites are 5x5 and are climate controlled. Dogs can use a doggie door to go to a 5x22 foot dog run. I installed extra large see through doggie doors so your canine can see outside while being inside. Our suites can accommodate any dog size large, medium or small. 

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